Buyers’ and Sellers’ Line Items


New in 2016:   Buyers’ and Sellers’ line items in the official “Booklet” distributed to over 12,000 print and to tens of thousands on-line.

The line item feature is for people who might have a special, one-0f-a-kind, pricey, or large item to list but don’t want to host a yard sale; these items are not necessarily yard sale priced items. Works much like a classified ad.

  • Examples of things for sale might be : a tractor, an art piece, or a cabin to move.
  • Examples of items to buy might be: discontinued china to complete your set, a car for commuting student, or something for which you’ve been searching and searching!

Please complete the online form below, or print (and drop off) the downloaded PDF form. When filling out the printed form, please complete with clarity and write legibly. Buyers and sellers using this form will be included in the official “Booklet” IF “line items” are received before our FIRM deadline of August 29, 2016.

Price is $25 per item

Please Note:  You may only pay by debit card (Interac) if your card has a Visa or Mastercard logo on it

This is a 2-STEP process.  Fill out the form to register, click submit, then come back to this page and make your payment through the secure PayPal link.  You must click the ”SUBMIT” button BEFORE clicking the ”Buy Now” button, or the registration form will not be sent.

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