Yard Sale Booklet

The Official 2019 Booklet will be available as an insert in The Eastern Graphic newspaper as of September 10, 2019.  The Eastern Graphic is a much appreciated sponsor of 70 Mile Coastal Yard Sale and we thank them for guiding us through this Booklet process and for sharing our stories in the newspaper leading up to the date of the sale.

12,000 of these booklets will be printed –and in addition to being in The Eastern Graphic–they will be available at community supporting sites in the week of September 16 at select places.

Pick yours up at Wood Islands Commissary and Liquor Store; on Northumberland Ferries; Pictou VIC; The Store in Belle River; Cooper’s Red and White in Eldon; Butler’s Store or Harbourview Restaurant in Murray Harbour; Miller’s Esso in Murray River;  Copper Bottom Brewery in Montague; MacPhee Market in Souris, West Prince Graphic; and at designated Murphy’s Pharmacies Charlottetown area and up west (Parkdale in Ch’town, Tyne Valley, Kensington, Both Summerside locations, and Cornwall)  These select spots have been great supporters of the 70 Mile Yard Sale and we thank them again for distributing booklets for us as well.

Here is last year’s booklet: 2018 Yard Sale Booklet

**You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to be able to access this file.  If you do not have this program, you can always download from Adobe’s Website (Click on this link –http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/.)

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