Wood Islands Market

About Us

Wood Islands Market and Heritage Seashore is located in Prince Edward Island, the ‘Birthplace of Canada.’  Wood Islands & Area Development Corporation (WIADC) – a not-for-profit community organization  owns and operates the Wood Islands Market complex and also the Wood Islands Lighthouse under the guidance of a volunteer Board of Directors. Every year we provide summer jobs generously funded by  Young Canada Works in both official languages.

In addition to providing summer jobs, Wood Islands Market and Heritage Seashore hosts a variety of community events such as Islander Day, concerts, and the annual 70 Mile Coastal Yard Sale that draws hundreds of visitors from all over. 

With it’s heritage-themed buildings located near the Wood Islands Ferry , and Northumberland Provincial Park,  it’s the perfect place to shop, grab a bite, or embark on a walk along the scenic Confederation Trail. The Wood Islands Lighthouse is the beacon that marks it as the Gateway to Eastern PEI, where the Visitors Information Centre is the first stop for ferry passengers to get their bearings.

Charge your electric vehicle while you take in the ambiance and amenities of the Market, picturing the historic significance of this plot of land once settled by Lord Selkirk.

Current Board of Directors

Chair:  John Rousseau
Secretary/Treasurer : Daniel Emery
Gwyn Davies
Kyle Cook

The Board which is made up of volunteers, along with a core of seasonal staff directed by the Executive Director, put their hearts and souls into making the Wood Islands Market and Heritage Seashore  a source of community pride. It has become a popular gathering place for locals and visitors alike.

Many thanks to the wonderful volunteers that help the Wood Islands Market and Heritage Seashore reach its full potential by helping with our annual events. Additional thanks for all the donations and grants that help fund the care and maintenance of this complex.

Zoe Hansen has been our volunteer gardener who every year, paints our grounds like an artist with all of the beautiful flowers and shrubs she plants. 

To learn more about our history and vision for th future check out Our History page.
 We welcome you to enjoy all that we have to offer!

Wood Islands & Area Development Corporation (WIADC)


The Wood Islands & Area Development Corporation’s mission is to encourage a socially, environmentally, and economically healthy community.


To create a sense of community.

To develop and promote employment opportunities within our community.

To maintain and enhance the presence of the ferry service.

To utilize existing facilities to their fullest potential, and expand where necessary to meet these objectives.