70 Mile Coastal Yardsale

Vendors taking part in the 70 Mile Coastal Yardsale must register in advance. Vendors can be onsite at Wood Islands Market or be offsite at their own location. All registrants will be added to our Yardsale Google Map and listed in The Eastern Graphic newspaper.  Registrations that are submitted after the deadline of August 23, 2023 will only appear on the Yardsale Google Map. 

To register as a vendor please fill out the appropriate form below and submit payment. Upon clicking ‘register’ you will get a prompt that submission was successful and you will receive a copy of your submitted form via email for you to save or print as you require. Please be sure to check your SPAM folder if you don’t see it.

Onsite Vendors:
Fill out and submit this form if you wish to procure a spot at Wood Islands Market. Onsite locations do not have electrical, water or sewage hookups

Preferred spots cannot be guaranteed as they are assigned when payment is received. Please indicate your first and second choice on the registration form. Please see the Community Site Map for available spots.

For overnight camper locations please note that there are no showers and there is no overnight security. We are not responsible for theft or damage. Vehicles must be parked behind or on your vendor location. Vendor location must be cleaned up upon leaving. Campers are asked to respect each other and keep noise levels down after hours.

To accommodate our Wood Islands Market partners (the Sweet Factory, Whistle Stop Restaurant, Wood Islands Liquor Store) , we ask that you not sell items available through them. 

A limited number of tables are available for rent, so we encourage you to bring your own.

Offsite Vendors
You will be supplied with roadside signage to mark your location. After the yardsale, please return the signs for a $5 refund.

If you wish to host a site with multiple vendors, please remind your vendors that they need not register with Wood Islands Market as they are considered part of your registrations as a group site. Vendors on a group site will not get individual mention on the Google Map, so please consider an overall general description to cover everyone when filling out the registration form.

Single households registering need to fill out the offsite registration form. Be sure to use a civic address that is searchable on Google maps by including city/town. Your pin on the map will include your description of items for sale.